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As a beautician you face new challenges every day. As unique as your customers are, who surrender themselves to you with complete confidence, your treatment must also be uniquely tailored to this. Thanks to the treatment method and the ingredients of Belletrice, a positive change in the skin image is observed after a short period. The skin gets a smooth and fresh appearance, putting a smile on your customer's face as a tangible result of a great treatment. High-quality active ingredients from nature are used in the various care products, such as Jojoba, Algae extracts, Aloe Vera, Iris root extract and Almond oil.

The combination of hyaluronic acids, squalane and an innovative emulsion system developed with the latest scientific knowledge from the medical world allows the active substances to remain in the skin for a long time and be absorbed. Belletrice's innovative care “Natural Power Cosmetics” guarantees a beautiful line of skin care and improving products.

“You will achieve the best results for your customer through good training, the correct application of the products and effective treatment techniques.” In order to guide you as best as possible, we offer various training courses, such as starter training, seasonal treatments and various facial and body treatments. After all, the best results for your customer are achieved through good training, the correct application of the products and effective treatment techniques. The training can even be given in your salon! Start? Then we have a special training offer for you! Starter training consists of General product training, Advice and sales training and Specialization training. Depending on your starter package, these training courses are free for every starter. In addition, new training and treatments are available every season.


• High quality of products and treatment methods.

• Excellent tolerability.

• Various treatment options for skin care and skin improvement

• Intensive and effective with immediate, visible results.

• Optimal care line for every skin type.

• No mandatory starting order and/or stock.

• Personal attention and support.

• Marketing support.

• Standard 15% discount when purchasing 6 pieces*

• Trainings at your location or at our location.

• Attractive monthly offers and information to optimize your profits