Natural Power Cosmetics

Belletrice offers you an extensive and affordable line of natural cosmetics. All care products combine high-quality active ingredients from nature with the latest scientific insights from modern medicine. Thanks to the treatment method and ingredients, a positive change in the skin image is observed after a short period of use. Belletrice gives the skin unprecedented freshness and radiance. Try it yourself! Personal advice, professional and customer-oriented service are of paramount importance to us. Years of experience and passion for cosmetics distinguish us. Belletrice produces individual creams for individual problems, which are particularly well tolerated and highly effective due to their composition and carefully selected ingredients. We are available for personal advice. We look forward to your call!

Desiree Cosmetics – Devoted to your Beauty Business

Desiree Cosmetics is the wholesaler for natural cosmetics. With passion and dedication for natural skin improvement, personal service & support, delivery of great products with high-quality natural ingredients. These products give us “naturally” healthy skin and, due to the balanced composition of ingredients, a fast and long-lasting result. This made collaboration with Belletrice an easy choice. Belletrice products and treatments have been a household name for years and are a popular product among many beauticians, skin therapists and consumers in Germany. Desiree Cosmetics is your supplier of Belletrice to beauty salons and skin therapists in the Benelux. We offer these beauty professionals personal support, advice on marketing and promotion and annual innovative training courses. We are happy to help you get the best out of your beauty business.

“You will achieve the best results for your customer through good training, the correct application of the products and effective treatment techniques.” In order to guide you as best as possible, we offer various training courses, such as starter training, seasonal treatments and various facial and body treatments. After all, the best results for your customer are achieved through good training, the correct application of the products and effective treatment techniques. The training can even be given in your salon! Start? Then we have a special training offer for you! Starter training consists of General product training, Advice and sales training and Specialization training. Depending on your starter package, these training courses are free for every starter. In addition, new training and treatments are available every season.


My name is Desiree Berkhout and I am the owner of Desiree Cosmetics and the DC Beautystore (salon and training center). Dedicated Beauty Professional for 16 years now. It is my passion and mission to help as many beauticians as possible get the very best out of their beauty business. We attach great importance to a good relationship with our customers. And this is reflected in our high service, (personal) support, training such as product training, sales training and various practical training courses. New offers and informative/educational blogs about products and treatments can be found every month in our newsletters. In addition, live videos on various beauty topics are regularly posted on the private Facebook page. Would you like to get to know Belletrice and Desiree Cosmetics? Then request an information package on the 'Professionals' page.